Thornlands Packhouse

Thornlands Packhouse

Thornlands Packhouse is situated on the Thornlands Farm in the Buffeljags River area near the town of Swellendam, South Africa.

With ample square meters of packaging, degreening and storing facilities, we are capable of packaging not just our own citrus but also that of our neighbouring producers in the area. Our modern approach to the packaging of fruit also enables us to pack various different cultivars including citrus, plums and pears, ensuring the diversity of our facilities offering.

Currently the facility packs for the export market in various weight denominations, as well as for the South African market, and with new developments and extensions planned to the facility for 2018 we are ensuring our growth for generations to come.

The facility also contributes to the economic growth of the region by providing permanent employment to a number of people in the community and employment to contract workers during the eight month packing cycle.

Thornlands Packhouse is a proud BEEE Level 8 contributor.

Contact our Farm Manager should you require any additional information.

Packhouse Manager: Pieter Marais

Contact Number: 082 449 0955

E-mail Address: