Thornlands Farm

Thornlands Farm

Thornlands Farm is situated in the picturesque Buffeljags River area near the town of Swellendam at the foot of the Langeberg Mountain range in the Overberg District, a mere three hours’ drive from the mother city of Cape Town, South Africa.

Planted with various orchards of peaches and citrus, including Satsumas, Clementines, Navels, Novas, Late Navels, Late Mandarins and Midnights, what started out as a small family farm has grown to become a major national and international role player in the industry

Various resources located on the farm are optimised for farming purposes, while keeping the best global agricultural procedures and practices at the core of everything we do, to ensure optimum crop delivery and sustainability for future generations to come.

Citrus from the farm is currently packed for the local market under the Thornlands brand and being exported to various countries abroad under the Market Demand Fruits and Fruits by Demand brands.

The farm also houses the Head Office of the Thornlands Group of Companies from where national and international operations are managed and monitored.

Thornlands Farm is a proud BEEE Level 4 contributor.

Contact our Farm Manager should you require any additional information.

Farm Manager: Handré Carstens

Contact Number: 071 330 1981

E-mail Address: