Thornlands Compost

Thornlands Compost

Thornlands Compost was established in 2005, at first to assist our own sustainability farming, but soon grew into a bigger part of our family. Since 2007 we have been able to not only provide for our own needs but also those of fellow producers in the market. This enables us to ensure that we re-establish living organisms back into the soil in line with our future sustainability farming methods.

Raw materials for our compost manufacturing plant are carefully selected, and only once approved, delivered to our manufacturing facility. This ensures that we deliver an organic product of the highest quality. Currently we make use of raw material such as cow manure, pole shavings, bark and pole chips and straw in our manufacturing process.

We currently deliver three products for gardening and other purposes for our own use and that of the market. These products include: Compost mulch, fine compost and potting soil.

Sustainable farming is no longer an option, but a priority, as we have to ensure that responsible farming forms part of our everyday agricultural industry for future generations.

Should you wish to receive more information or order some of our organic compost please contact our Thornlands Compost for further assistance.

Compost Manager: MJ Jordaan

Contact Number: 028 512 3659

Cell: 0825560151

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