About Us

Thornlands Group of Companies strives to be a multifaceted company within our industry, delivering specific services and products to key modules within our value chain.

Over the past four decades we have grown exponentially within Southern Africa, not only within our original core business of fruit cultivation and packaging, but also by expanding our services and product offerings to extended modules within our value chain, including the fields of transport and logistics, additional third party services and products in the agricultural industry, maintaining and adding to the value chain in the process.

This expansion enabled us to grow our brand portfolio to also include leading class brands in the local consumer market of citrus.

We pride ourselves on being an innovative world-class company, investing in new world business strategies and procedures, continuously improving our operations within the markets we operate in.

Our Vision

To be a leading multifaceted company within our core industry, and in doing so adding value to different segments of the value chain.

Our Mission Statement

To be an innovative, high performing company in diverse markets within our industry nationally as well as in emerging markets.

Our Core Values

Our People

Our immediate family is our biggest asset.

We believe in investing in our people and their development, enabling them to grow and thrive in the world, both professionally as well as their family lives.

Our Community

We embrace our community as part of our extended family.

We pride ourselves on being responsive to the needs of the community within which we run our daily operations, by undertaking corporate social investment as a way of living and giving back to society whenever we can.

Our Integrity

Integrity is at our core.

We are committed to integrity and will never compromise our Christian value system in whatever we do. .